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Hi we are tria

A creative team based in Thessaloniki Greece, well known for its alternative approach to communication. Since 2002 we deliver work with soul to brands that want to make a difference.

Work with a soul

Deep insight, deep understanding. Work with emotional intelligence. Work that communicates ideas and feelings creating not just audiences but true fans. Work with humour and sensitivity. Work that vibrates. Work rith guts.

Our work has a soul

Soul brands

We create brands that pulsate. That are different. Brands that speak their own language. Express their own opinion. Brands that are leading not following. Brands that are trusted friends.

Brands with a soul

Creative fields

  • Branding
    Brand Strategy
    Brand ID
    Brand Manual
    Corporate Brochures
    Corporate Video
  • Advertising
    Communication Strategy
    Media Strategy
    TVC , RC
    Advertising Printing Materials
    Guerilla Events
  • Digital
    Website Design
    Online Media Strategy
    E shops
    Social Media Monitoring
    Online Games
    Mobile Site Design
  • Environments
    Environmental Branding
    Store Design
    Exhibition Stands


2013 AWWWARDS / Website / Site of the Day / www.paretria.gr
2013 CSS Design Awards / Website / Winner / www.paretria.gr
2013 EBGE / Website / Distinction / www.paretria.gr
2010 EBGE / Website / Distinction / www.athenskiku.gr
2008 Ermis Awards / Environmental Branding / Gold / Sarafidis Zo
2008 Ermis Awards / Logo & Applications / Silver / Sarafidis Zo
2008 Ermis Awards / Self - Promotion / Bronze / tria corporate CD holder
2007 Ermis Awards / Logos & Applications / Bronze / Coffix cafe bar
2006 Ermis Awards / Website / Silver / www.paretria.gr
2006 EBGE / Website / www.paretria.gr / 1st EBGE award
that are leading
not following
with humor
and sensitivity
that vibrates
with guts
listen to our jingle
has a soul
our work
Music: Stathis Arabatzis
Lyrics: Stathis Arabatzis / Dino Rota / Tria
Thanx tο: Giannis, Titos
deep understanding
deep insight
with emotional intelligence
Video by The Slow Mo Guys, Music by Ligeti
we create
that are different
that pulsate
with a soul
our work communicates ideas
and feelings creating not just audiences
but true fans
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  • We are located
    Th. Sofouli 28
    54655 Thessaloniki, Greece
    Tel. +302310 413483
    Fax. +302310 412491